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Tournament Information

All tournament listings below are pending acceptance and subject to changes. Please contact your coach with confirmation and questions.

2016-17 Team Tournaments

All tournaments for Fall & Winter seasons are posted below (spring tournaments will be posted by December 1st, 2016), parents should plan ahead in order for players to attend all tournament events. If you cannot attend your tournament please notify your coach ASAP but we want to ensure every player has the opportunity to experience these events.  Please remember all tournaments are subject to change, based on team acceptance, coaching conflicts and team schedule.  (All tournaments that include a HOTEL are booked through the club booking and the tournament agency otherwise the tournament do not allow teams to participate in the event. The club office will send out all hotel information with sufficient booking time).

All tournament schedules typically get released by the tournament organizers one week prior to the event; your coach or team manager will notify you when it becomes available.

2016-17 Winter and Spring Season Tournaments

USYSA National League See coaches schedule Union Showcase B99/00 Please contact your coach with any questions
MRL (Midwest Regional League) See coaches schedule Showcase B03/04 Accepted Please contact your coach with any questions
Union Showcase B01/02
Union Showcase B00/01
Union Showcase B99/00
Showcase G03/04
Showcase G02/03
Union Showcase G01/02
Union Showcase G00/01
IL State Cup See coaches schedule Select White B04/05 Accepted *Spring Season*
Showcase B03/04 *Spring Season*
Union Showcase B01/02 *Spring Season*
Union Showcase B00/01 *Spring Season*
Union Showcase B99/00 *Spring Season*
IL Presidents Cup See coaches schedule Select White B02/03 Accepted *Spring Season*
Select B05/06 *Spring Season*
Select G04/05 *Spring Season*
Showcase G03/04 *Spring Season*
Crossroads Showcase Westfield, IN Union Showcase B01/02 All Teams Accepted Hotel info will be sent out by LTSC Office
April 21-23, 2017 Union Showcase B00/01
Union Showcase B99/00
IYSA Spring Festival Naperville, IL Travel White G07/08 Pending Acceptance
May 6-7, 2017 Travel Blue G07/08
Premier Blue B07/08
Premier Black B07/08
IYSA Illinois Cup Naperville, IL Select G06/07 Pending Acceptance
May 6-7. 2017 Select G05/06
Select G03/04
Select B06/07
Select B03/04
USA Hawks Cup Oakbrook, IL Premier White G06/07 Pending Acceptance
May 12-14, 2017 Premier Blue G06/07
Premier G05/06
Premier G04/05
Showcase G03/04
Premier White B07/08
Premier B06/07
Premier White B05/06
Premier Blue B05/06
Select Blue B04/05
Premier B03/04
Select Blue B02/03
Fusion Spring Invite Bloomington, IL Select B06/07 Accepted Hotel info will be sent out by LTSC Office
May 19-21, 2017 Select B05/06
Select White B04/05
Select Blue B04/05
Select White B02/03
Select G06/07
Select G05/06
Select G04/05
Select G03/04
Wheaton Wings Wheaton, IL Premier G07/08 Pending Acceptance
May 19-21, 2017
Spartan FC Invite Northbrook, IL Travel G08/09 All Teams Accepted
June 3rd, 2017 Travel B08/09
Kickers Puma Showcase Aurora, IL Union Select B01/02 Pending Acceptance
June 9-11, 2017 Union Select B00/01
Union Select B99/00
Union Select B98/99