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For LTSC Parents

Welcome to the Parents Corner!

This page offers LTSC members information on the world of soccer, important information on youth development & interesting news that relates to youth teams from aournd the state, region and the world.  LTSC will update this page seasonally.

Please feel free to send in information to update all of our members on news from within our community. Please send your links, articles and information to and share with LTSC soccer fans, families, parents and players.

US Soccer Player Development Initiatives

A resource for parents, coaches and referees supporting the growth and improvement of grassroots soccer. The document below will explain the age group changes as well as the playing formats.

LTSC Parents Documents & News

Roles & Responsibilities in a 4-3-3

To better understand the roles and responsibilities of each position in a 4-3-3 formation at 11v11. This is for parents and players.

US Youth Soccer Guides Coaches

All of our LTSC coaches have been informed on the recent percentages concussions can cause in sports, namely Women's Soccer.  Therefore, each coach received new information from US Youth Soccer, the regional soccer head quarters for qualified coaches in Region 2 about the signs and procedures in the event of a concussed child. Please see information below to help parents also become aware of what to expect.  

LTSC is sanctioned by Illnois Youth Soccer who provides all the coaching and soccer guidlines for youth players in the state.  Please review the policy and information below by clicking the link.  Become aware as a parent and be alert!

US Youth Soccer - Education for Parents!!!

The US Youth Soccer Coaching Education Department, in cooperation with the Coaching and Recreational Committees, has created this 'view from the sidelines' in an effort to create a positive learning environment for those involved in the lives of young soccer players. The Department is proud to provide a teaching tool designed for administrators, coaches, parents and anyone who cares about children to assist them in providing positive learning atmosphere for our children.

IYSA Soccer Concussion Guide

LTSC & IYSA have provided information to all soccer players regarding concussions, please visit the IYSA website concussion link to read more articles.