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What is Little Lyons?

Little Lyons is a fun recreational soccer program for kids ages 3-5 and 6-8 years old. Participants will experience a constructive and instructional atmosphere where they will engage in fun games and activities with trained and innovative coaches to learn their fundamental skills while also learning to love the game.

See below for a list of all participating locations where Little Lyons programming is available!


  • To further develop each child's cognitive and motor abilities through dynamic, fun, and engaging activities
  • To make affordable instructional soccer programming available for all players in the surrounding Chicagoland area
  • To consistently promote a healthy and active lifestyle through sport, specifically soccer

Program Overviews

LITTLE LYONS (3-5 years old)

Designed for children looking to keep active and be introduced to the sport of soccer. Following a professionally developed curriculum we will help develop the young soccer player to learn the technical fundamentals.

Not only will the players learn the basic fundamental soccer skills through activities that are engaging and exciting, but we will also focus on basic motor skills like running, coordination, and balance.

Each session (1x 45 minutes per week) will be lead by a professionally licensed coach with experience working with young soccer players will make sure your child feels comfortable and has a memorable experience.

LITTLE LYONS (6-8 years old)

Designed for children looking to experience a professionally developed, comprehensive curriculum delivered by professional coaches. Players will learn basic fundamental soccer skills, as well as, basic motor skills. This program is designed to the further player’s soccer development and prepares them for the move into any competitive game play.

Players in this five week (1x 60 minute session per week) program will be engaged in technical skill development activities and introduced to the small-sided style of game where they will continue to learn in a fun a constructive environment with their teammates and coaches! The small-sided games will also incorporate basic tactical movements of the individual soccer player.

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You can view all upcoming Little Lyons programs using the table below.

To register please click on your community's picture below the table to be taken to the registration for their Little Lyons soccer program.

Park District Location Time Age Groups Dates Status
LaGrange Park Hanesworth Park 4pm-5pm/5pm-6pm 3-5 years old/ 6-8 years old Wednesdays, Aug 28- Sept 25 OPEN
Western Springs WS Recreation Center 4-5pm/5-6pm 3-5 years old/6-8 years old Thursdays, Sept 12-Oct 10 OPEN
LaGrange Park Park Junior High School 1pm-2pm/2pm-3pm 3-5 years old/ 6-8 years old Saturdays, Nov 2- Dec 7 OPEN

Organize a Little Lyons Program!

To bring Little Lyons soccer programming to your community please contact:

Chris Ward
Director of Recreation
(708) 387-8009