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Puma Cup at Rockford April 13th-15th

04/12/2018, 1:45pm CDT

Catch some LTSC Soccer This weekend!

Our Teams are all set for The Puma Cup in Rockford this weekend!!!

See below for the schedules for all of our teams participating and see if you can support another LTSC team this weekend!

We haven't included Semi Finals or Finals, but we will update throughout the weekend.

Don't forget to send any pictures you have to so we can put your team on our social media!!!

Day Time Team Opponent Field (SS1 = Sportscore 1, SS2 = Sportscore 2
Fri 8:50:00 PM G04 SL FC United SS2 #234 Turf
Day Time Team Opponent Field
Sat  7:45:00 AM G05 SC MC United SS1 #103
Sat  9:15:00 AM G05 SL FC United Prem SS22 #222
Sat  9:15:00 AM B07 SL Spartan Green SS2 Turf#243B
Sat  9:15:00 AM G07 SL North Scott Lasers SS2#208B
Sat  10:45:00 AM G04 SL Elite SC SS2 #222
Sat  10:45:00 AM G03 SL Oregon SS2 #209
Sat  12:15:00 PM G05 SC Milwaukee Sport Maroon SS1 #102
Sat  1:00:00 PM G08 SL SASA Blue SS2 Turf#235 B
Sat  1:00:00 PM B07 SL Elmbrook Premier SS1 #112A
Sat  3:15:00 PM G05 SL Campton United SS1 #117
Sat  3:15:00 PM B03 SL Oregon SS1 #199 
Sat  3:15:00 PM B05 SL Oregon SS1 #125
Sat  3:30:00 PM G07 SL John Gaspar SS1 #127A
Sat  4:45:00 PM G08 SL REV SS2 Turf#232 D
Sat  4:45:00 PM B08 SL Rockford Raptors SS2#235D
Sat  6:05:00 PM G04 SL Northwind SS2# 204
Sat  7:15:00 PM B08 SL SASA Blue SS2#Indoor 2D
Day Time Team Opponent Field
Sun 7:45:00 AM G05 SL Crystal Lake SS2 #216
Sun 8:00:00 AM B07 SL NIFC SS2 #208
Sun 9:15:00 AM G08 SL Eclipse Black SS2 #220C
Sun 9:15:00 AM G07 SL CSA Lazio SS2#231 A
Sun 9:15:00 AM B03 SL Mahomet SS2 #206
Sun 10:45:00 AM G04 SL Rev White SS2 #216
Sun 10:45:00 AM G03 SL Chicago Magic SS2 #203
Sun 11:45:00 AM B08 SL Fire City SS2#210A
Sun 1:45:00 PM G05SC Valladolid SS1#103
Sun 3:15:00 PM B03 SL Ela SS2#205

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