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Sports Excellence Group - SEG

Winter 2019 Speed & Strength Clinic Coming Soon!


The Sports Excellence Trainers from “SEG” will provide Speed, Agility, Strength and Conditioning Training to all LTSC players & Non-Registered LTSC Players.  For full details and to meet the Strength Conditioning coaches, please read on.  

The Program

Soccer is a contact sport that is physically demanding, requiring players to be strong and fit as well as possess skills. The SEG program is designed to help prevent injuries and provide our players with the foundation to meet the physical demands of soccer.​​

Health – Our highest priority for kids. Without proper diet, athletes will not be able to build muscle or increase speed, stamina, agility and technical (ball) skills. In addition, without being injury-free, athletes will not be able to play, let alone improve, in the sports they love. The SEG program provides the tools for kids to improve their speed, agility and strength along with nutrition and help prevent “preventable” injuries.

Strength – Strong muscles are also key to injury prevention and success. The forces that are exerted on joints and ligaments (especially at the knee) cannot be resisted by the ligaments themselves – strong muscles are required. In addition, without building a good muscular foundation, athletes will be limited in developing speed, stamina, agility or technical skills.

Conditioning – With good health and strong muscles, our kids can begin improving their conditioning, agility, speed and technical skills. 

Coaches from the Sports Excellence Group work to develop athletes and improve dynamic skills in Speed, Agility and Power. Their sessions involve focused programming, spanning appropriate movement preparation, functional exercise sequences and athletic recovery. Each session is created for age-specific development and performance to help each athlete achieve his or her highest performance.

Open to all Age Groups!

Players of all age groups from LTSC and non-LTSC registered players can sign up for any SEG program. Spots are limited, so sign up early to avoid disappointment. You can register for the SEG Clinic by clicking the box at the top of the page.

Here’s a full description of what the athlete will experience during a SEG Clinic.

U8-U10 Description

This is the early stage of strength training for boys and girls. We believe the younger an athlete learns the dynamic technical components of balance, running and body control, the better his or her base for athletic improvement. This program will consist of many functional movements in a fun and active environment. 

U11-U13 Description

Young athletes in this age group are now focused on applying dynamic technical components and more advanced drills aimed at increased power, strength and agility. Each week the athlete will learn intermediate movement patterns on soccer-specific training that will teach the basic mechanics for his or her sport.

U14-U19 Description

Athletes in this advanced age group will be pushed to master more advanced movements and movement patterns that require complex coordination and linking their skill set to that of an elite competitor in their sport. They will apply what they learn through the 5-week program and use it during patterns such as explosive speed, turning and balance.

Additional Programs with SEG

The Sports Excellence Trainers (SEG) will throughout the year provide sports-individual consultations, individual personal training, group personal training, team personal training, parent classes, injury prevention seminars and much more exclusively to all LTSC members and players.

Meet the Sports Excellence (SEG) Speed & Strength Certified Trainers

Coach Olivia - Head Certified Trainer

Fun Fact: Olivia competed in the 2015 World Championships of the Ironman 70.3 distance Triathlon in Zell am Zee Austria

Olivia is a Certified Personal Trainer in Chicago and works with professional athletes to develop functional skills to improve their performance. She uses her fun-loving spirit to reach clients of all age groups and ability levels and has spent the last 14 year developing her coaching style to maximize the full potential of an athlete.

Olivia's multi-dimensional athletic background allows her to utilizes drills that integrate the strengths of the athlete with training goals. This approach with athletes of all ages builds on and improves confidence with individual athletes in a group environment.


Fun Fact: Tori’s first ever endurance race was the Chicago Half Marathon and she is currently training to compete in Benton Harbor, Michigan for the 2019 Steelhead Ironman 70.3

Tori is a Certified Personal Trainer and Performance Enhancement Specialist in Chicago and works with high school athletes, developing body awareness, stability strength and conditioning training to become a fully functional sport specific athlete. She uses her fun-loving spirit to reach clients of all age groups and ability levels and has spent the last 14 year developing her coaching style to maximize the full potential of an athlete.

From a long term endurance athlete to a strength training and movement enthusiast, Tori’s background and athletic endeavors will allow her to relate to youth groups and develop them into long performing, injury free athletes.

Coach Laura - Doctor of Athletic Injury & Prevention & Certified Trainer

Fun Fact: Laura has an athletic background in swimming and competed for 14 years. After hanging up her swim cap she turned to weightlifting and has competed in power lifting in the recent years.

As a Chiropractor and personal trainer, Laura spends her time working with professional and amateur athletes who compete in multiple arenas from soccer athletes to ironman distance triathlons. Her background in healthcare keeps her focus on injury prevention and performance through functional exercise and athletic recovery. 

She will bring a keen eye for athletic movement dysfunction and use her healthcare background to safely and effectively correct technique to improve athletic ability and longevity.

LTSC & SEG Refund Policy

Once you register for the 'SEG TRAINING' for your son/daughter online you have agreed to pay the full fee for the whole program and will be issued NO REFUND at any time. The same rules apply for the training programs, camps and seminars operated by SEG and/or LTSC and our partners: once you register, you are responsible for the one time payment associated with the program for which you have registered. THIS FEE IS NON REFUNDABLE.

*Payment will be refunded only, if the class is cancelled on behalf of SEG or LTSC and/or partners.