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Spirit Wear

Training Schedule

Spring Training Schedule posted below

Spring training begins the week of April 2nd and will last until your teams last outdoor game.

The Spring Training Schedule is always subject to change based on field availability and coach commitments.  Players should wear the training uniform during all practices.  


Training Uniform should be as follows: (Jersey, Shorts, Socks)

1st session - Red, Black, Black
2nd session - Blue, Black, Black
3rd session - Red, Black, Black 
(If you only train twice then alternate your jerseys)

All players are expected to attend their own training schedule but we do have a "Player Development Program" called (PDP) that allows players who have been advised to train multiple times a week with more challenging teams. Each players must speak with their coach before they attend another session.

Director of Coaching Contacts

Gavin  McCrindle

Gavin McCrindle

Director of Coaching U8-U19 Player & Coach Development

Phone: (708) 387 8009

Matt Hodgson

Director of Coaching Union Girls

Phone: (708) 387 8009

Chris  Ward

Chris Ward

Director of Pre Travel U8 Program

Phone: (708) 387 8009