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Winter Little Lyons (3-8 Years Old)

Thank you to all of our 2019 participants. We hope to see you again soon!


The Winter LITTLE LYONS is offered once a year as an extended winter program under the  Lyons Township Soccer Club recreational program. Children 3-8 years old are eligible to participate in Winter Little Lyons. Spanning eight weeks in January and February each year we offer children to continue learning the game of soccer in a fun and innovative environment. Our professional coaching staff follow a carefully constructed curriculum designed to not only teach the right technical soccer skills but increase motor skill development, fitness, and above all else make sure the players have fun! Your child will not experience long lines and repetitive drills but consistent movement, fun activities, and an all around positive developmental environment.

The Winter Little Lyons is divided into various 60 minute sessions based on school grade level: PreK-4th Grade, so your child(ren) will be learning and playing along side other children their age and developmental skill level. Our outstanding coaching staff will be highly engaged in each session and with your child(ren) as each one brings a unique and positive attitude to each and every session. We put the children first in everything we do from our curriculum development to planning the training sessions and games.

For Winter inquiries please contact

Chris Ward


Phone: 708-387-8009

Refund Policy

Once you accept a position in an LTSC or SEG program for your son/daughter, whether online or in person you have agreed to pay the full fee for said program and will be issued NO REFUND at any time. The same rules apply for the Little Lyons Soccer Programs and for all camps operated by LTSC and our partners: once you register, you are responsible for the one time payment associated with the program for which you have registered. THIS FEE IS NON REFUNDABLE.

Lyons Township Soccer Club is a not for profit 501 (c) (3) organization that relies predominately on program registrations to sustain operations. For the club to operate effectively and efficiently and in fairness to all players who have committed to specific program, we provide NO REFUNDS to any player that drops out except in 2 instances  : a player moves outside of the Chicago area (supporting documentation required such as a lease) or a player is unable to play because of injury and is unable to play because of this injury (supporting documentation required)